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1 / Systems of play - Confused by the numbers game? Systems of Play is a program developed to help coaches who are unsure about the tactical deployment of players. Is the 4-4-2 or the 3-5-2 the best system? What about the 4-3-3? Or the 3-4-3? This program will help you find the system that is best for your team with the help of coach Waiters' considerable experience and his ability to simplify and de-mystify systems of play. Included are 3-D graphics, game footage and a team in practice for a visual learning experience that helps you to develop the best system for your team.

3 / Soccer games - For players 10 and older, with coaches Alan Meeder and Kristy Walker. Bring a great new game to your next practice! 20 fun games to teach dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control and more.  

12 / Playing the 1-4-3-3 - A detailed look at the 1-4-3-3 System with Tony DiCicco, head coach of the 1999 World Cup Champion US Women’s Team. DiCicco takes you through every aspect of this popular system with a group of youth and professional players as well as footage from the 1999 Women`s World Cup. Includes : Training the central backs and the keeper, Training the flank defenders, Defending as a unit, Training the holding midfielder, Training the attacking midfielders, Training the forwards, Creative runs that will destroy defensive cohesion, Coordintation attacking play, 11v11 Choreography.

13 / Playing the 1-3-4-3 - A detailed look at the 1-3-4-3 system with one of its most successful proponents, Anson Dorrance of North Carolina. Dorrance and his Lady Tar Heels have dominated college soccer for over a decade and a core component of this success is their take on this popular system of play. In this DVD, Dorrance examines the 1-3-4-3 at every level and in every phase of the game.

14 / Game intelligence 1 - Developping awareness and vision - This DVD focuses on small sided games and variations in which the players learn, step by step, to read game situations quickly and react intelligently. The small sided games provide an ideal tool for developing and promoting soccer intelligence and coaching socer technique in game situations while not neglecting the conditionnal aspects of the game.

15 / Game intelligence 2 - Season program ans complex games - Horst Wein shows how to plan and schedule a soccer season with small sided games and how to offer the players plenty of opportunities to practice in competitive situations. The number of players and the demands on them are gradually increased, giving the players confidence to play in any position. Also includes Host Wein's innnovative "Ability Test' and the popular "Mini-Soccer Pentathlon".

17 / Soccer games for 6-8 year olds - 25 FUN DRILLS AND EXERCISES.
Dutch National Team Player Ellen van Bergen and her team of 7 year old Dutch boys and girls from the Jekerdal Soccer club show how to start to develop your player's skills through fun drills and exercises.

Team Play
Seeing the Field
Desicion Making

18 / Soccer games for 8-10 years olds - An interesting and creative series of small sided games designed to develop your player's skills and awareness is demonstrated by a group of 10 year old players from Maastrecht in Holland.

Passing and Receiving
Creating Space
Positional Play

19 / World class coaching - Tactics and drills for attacking and goalscoring - In June, 2000 at Connecticut College, World Class Coaching assembled on American soil for the first time ever, coaches from England's top Premier League teams, Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. for it International Coaching Seminar. David Williams, Mancheter United U19 Youth Team Coach and Sammy Lee, Liverpool F.C. Assistant Manager were joined by former Leeds United Coach, Mick Hennigan in this once-in-a-lifetime seminar. This DVD is part of a 3-DVD series that covers every session conducted by the three clinicians. Other DVDs in this series are Tactics and Drills for Zonal Defending and Tactics and Drills for Passing and Possession. This DVD covers: Counter Attacking with Pace; Improve your shooting and finishing; Build-up play for crosses; Attacking in waves.

Counter Attacking With Pace - Sammy Lee : A progression of quick passing and moving exercises with the ultimate objective of implementing them in an 11 v 11 game.

Improve Your Shooting and Finishing - Mick Hennigan : A session with an overall theme of "quality" finishing with an emphasis of shots hitting the target.

Build-Up Play For Crosses - Sammy Lee : Starts with a circle warm-up, progresses to a small-sided passing game and ends with a half-field game designed to get the ball wide for a cross.

Attacking In Waves - Sammy Lee : Some quick-fire shooting and finishing exercises, ending with a half-field game that includes overlapping defenders pushing forward and overloading the

20 / World class coaching - Tactics and drills for zonal defending

Defending With a Back Four - David Williams : This session starts with some individual defending and progresses to various exercises with two defenders and then four defenders.The session ends with four defenders working on a full field.

Zonal Defending - Mick Hennigan : A session designed to get the entire team familiar withtheir roles when the opposing team has possession. Based on a 4-4-2,
the session couldeasily be adapted to a 3-5-2 or any other formation. Hennigan introduces "key words", and the actions that go with them that will enable each player to be comfortable and confident with his role and that of his teammates.

Improving Confidence For Heading - Mick Hennigan : A lively session that starts with heading warm-ups and progresses to game-like exercises that includes heading for goal as well as defensive heading.

21 / World class coaching - Tactics and drills for passing and possession

Developing Techniques For Youth Players - David Williams : This session includes various passing and receiving exercises and progresses to a small- sided game. The session also focuses on making the correct runs and angles to create space to receive passes.

Developing Quick Play Using Circle Practices - David Williams : This session was one of the highlights of the entire seminar and features a number of circle practices designed to develop quick play. Many variations are shown with unlimited variations possible with a little imagination.

Passing Progressions - Sammy Lee : This session is designed to improve the quality and speed of passing, and movement off the ball to create space to receive passes.

22 / Coaching the English Premier League 4-4-2 - The 4 - 4 - 2 is the preferred formation for just about every team in the English Premier League. The 4 - 4 - 2 is also used by the majority of the world's top coaches and teams such as European giants Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich as well as the national teams of Brazil, England, USA, Italy, etc. This video will explain how the 4 - 4 - 2 formation is played, why it is so successful and why it is the formation of choice for the world-s top teams. Author David Williams explains the roles and responsibilities of the defenders, midfielders and forwards both in attacking and defending situations. He describes many practices that he has used during his vast coaching experience in the English Premier League that will show you how to train your players to play using the 4 - 4 - 2 formation.

24 / The youth soccer coaching model U-8 - Top youth coach and educator Tom Goodman takes you through a complete age-appropriate training model for Under-8 players. Using the Guided Discovery method of teaching, he interacts with the players, demonstrates how a quality coaching attitude fosters a positive relationship between coach and players and creates a FUN learning environment for everyone involved. This DVD includes the following topics specific to the U8 age group: Movement education and technical approach to coaching Cooperative activities that focus on dribbling, passing and receiving, Small Sided Games (2v2, 3v3, 4v4), Fun, challenging environment for the players.

25 / The youth soccer coaching model U-10 - Reedswain and World Class Soccer present The Youth Soccer Coaching Model Top youth coach and educator Tom Goodman takes you through a complete age-appropriate training model for Under-10 players. Using the Guided Discovery method of teaching, he interacts with the players, demonstrates how a quality coaching attitude fosters a positive relationship between coach and players and creates a FUN learning environment for everyone involved. This DVD includes the following topics specific to the U10 age group: Technical and simple tactical approach to coaching Small group problem solving activities Simple leadership activities Small sided games (4v4, 5v5, 6v6) FUN, challenging environments for the players

26 / The youth soccer coaching model U-12 - Top youth coach and educator Tom Goodman takes you through a complete age-appropriate training model for Under-12 players. Using the Guided Discovery method of teaching, he interacts with the players, demonstrates how a quality coaching attitude fosters a positive relationship between coach and players and creates a FUN learning environment for everyone involved. This DVD includes the following topics specific to the U12 age group: Technical and tactical approach to coaching, Small group and team problem solving activities, Leadership activities, Small sided games (6v6, 7v7, 8v8), FUN, challenging environment for the players

5 et 8 / FIFA referee - Development program - Teaching resources

6, 9 et 45 / FIFA referee - Development program - Referee fitness

10 / FIFA referee - Development program - Practical refereeing

27 / Painting the gray area - Produced by John Nielsen, former FIFA Assistant Referee. 2003. DVD. A series of vignettes showing questionable events from the prior world cup. You are tasked to decide what the call is. A great presentation for the experienced referee in a learning and disscussion environment.

54 / Referee video test #1 - Ten situation scenarios from various games. Also includes an interesting observation test.

29 / Fine tuning the thinking referee - Volume 1 - Clips from various games showing offside, misconduct, fouls, keeper play, and others. Best presented in a group so that discussion of the incidents can ensue.

55 / Fine tuning the thinking referee Volume 2 - Clips from various games showing offside, misconduct, fouls, keeper play, and others. Best presented in a group so that discussion of the incidents can ensue.

30 / Euro 2004 - Clips from the Euro 2004 games showing foul vs no foul, careless vs reckless, foul vs unsproting behavior, send off examples, dangerous play and offside examples. Another good (but poorer in quality compared to Painting the Gray Area) training aid for a group discussion.

32 / 10 clips video exam - Ten situation scenarios from various games. Viewers have 30 seconds between clips to assess technical and practical aspects. Best for group discussion purposes with a knowledgeable facilitator. 

33 / Officiating symposium Jan 4-5 2004 - Pre-course game DVD for national referees, professors and instructors - This DVD is divided into two sections. Section 1 is a full soccer game from french Ligue 1 Marseille vs Paris St-Germain. Section 2 has individual, short clips from many different soccer games.

38 / One touch & combination play 1 - Fast break attack - Part 1 of One Touch and Combination Play. Includes: Fast Combinations, 1-2 wall pass, Playing to the third man, Fast penetration in attack, Crossing in front of defenders and more!

16 / Developing 1 vs 1 & dribbling skills - Good dribbling skills are a must for any player who wants to reach the top level, and this DVD will help you improve those skills. This is essential viewing for all youth players and coaches! Martin Bidzinski and European professional player Eddie Stanford show you how to improve your dribbling and 1v1 skills using their innovative "cone format" method of training.

36 / Developing the two-footed player - The ability to play equally well with both feet is essential in the modern game. The exercises on this DVD all emphasize being able to make the same movement with the ball on either foot. As the players progress, they grow in confidence with both feet and are able to use either foot with ease and comfort on the ball while keeping their heads up. You will see how much more time and space is achieved when your players are confident with either foot and how many more options are available to them.

37 / Passing and receiving - This outstanding DVD emphasizes all the important factors that make for good accurate passing and ease of control. Full of interesting exercises that will teach and reinforce the quality and weight of the pass, passing away from the defender, which foot to pass to, passing and receiving with either foot, movement off the ball, one touch receiving and passing, keeping the head up and looking before receiving the ball and moving off the line of the defender to create time and space.

41 / Developing reaction & explosive movement - This innovative series of exercises has been designed to develop your player's speed of thought and physical reactions, quickness of the feet, explosive quickness off the mark, reaction time, turning ability and explosiveness out of the turn. Positive competition is emphasized throughout to reinforce concentration, competitiveness, the will to win and building confidence through positive thinking.

42 / Match fitness circuit - This fitness circuit has been specifically built to sustain your player's level of performance over the complete duration of the game. The exercises will develop your player's stamina, strength and level of concentration which will result in consistency and the ability to sustain the level of play to the final whistle.

43 / Futbol! Brazilian soccer warm-ups - The famous Brazilian Warm Up based on Rhythm and Team Unity. Includes passive stretching, active rhythmic exercises, complete warm-up circuit, keep Away exercises and goalkeeper warm up.

44 / The agility ladder - Exercices for soccer - Get the most out of your agility ladder with these outstanding exercises. Includes exercises for agility, coordination, speed, balance, skill and footwork.

46 / FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 - All the goals - Every goal of the FIFA World Cup 2006 is shown. Also includes DVD Extras Top Ten Goals and Top Ten Saves.

47 /  Le football des 6/9 ans - Ce qu'il faut savoir sur l'éveil et l'initiation des enfants au football - L'éveil des enfants au football est pour chaeu éducateur une responsabilité importante. Voua aider dans cette tâche est l'objectif de ce film. Sommaire : Connaisance de l'enfant. Éveil au football. Exercices et jeux. Psychomotricité.

48 / Le football des 9/12 ans Poussins - Benjamins - L'initiation : l'âge d'or des acquisitions techniques - Une méthode pédagogique et un contenu - situation, jeux, correctifs - adaptés aux enfants et destinés aux éducateurs. Sommaire : Les 9/12 ans. Technique. Jeux et exercices. Motricité-vivacité. Tactique. Initiation aux étirements. 

35 - FFF - L'entrainement technique du gardien de but (copie) - Le gardien de but occupe un poste bien spécifique qui nécessite un travail technique important. Joaquim FRANCISCO FILHO, ex-entraîneur de l’INF, ancien technicien à Manchester United, et Franck RAVIOT, entraîneur des gardiens de but de l’I.N.F. et de l’Equipe de France A, présentent les exercices et jeux d’application consacrés à l’initiation et au perfectionnement de tous les gestes fondamentaux du gardien de but. Les thèmes travaillés sont : l’échauffement, les réductions d’angle, les prises de balle, les déviations, les sorties, les dégagements aux poings, les exercices avec handicap, les arrêts réflexes, les coups francs, les relances, le jeu au pied.

49 / FFF - Appuis et coordination - Exercices pratiques - Ce DVD présente environ 100 exercices consacrés au développement de la coordination motrice ainsi qu’à la maîtrise des appuis. Ce document présente les fondamentaux, le travail d’appui, la maîtrise des appuis, des exemples de parcours avec le ballon et des applications à haut-niveau.

50 / FFF - Les techniques du dribble - Les dernières grandes compétitions ont revalorisé le jeu des attaquants et notamment les notions de dribble et de feinte. L’ex-entraîneur de l’INF, Joaquim FRANCISCO FILHO, ancien technicien à Manchester United, présente une série d’exercices spécifiques à ces techniques aussi différentes que variées. Chaque type de dribble est décomposé et les méthodes d'apprentissage sont présentées. Les images de haut-niveau, à la fin de chaque chapitre, vous font passer de réels moments d’émotion et viennent renforcer l’idée de l’importance du travail de ces techniques.

51 / FFF - Les techniques défensives individuelles - Les exercices d’initiation et de perfectionnement aux techniques défensives, avec les conseils de Jean-François JODAR, ex-entraîneur national, Champion du Monde avec les moins de 17 ans. Ce document traite de l’acte défensif au sol en situation de un contre un. Le premier chapitre présente une initiation au tacle (tacle de face, tacle latéral sous 2 formes, tacle de récupération). Le deuxième chapitre aborde les différentes situations de duel, enfin le troisième chapitre détaille une forme jouée favorisant un travail d’interception et de duel devant le but.

53 /  FFF - L'entrainement technique des 12-15 ans - Ce document audiovisuel réalisé par André MERELLE et les élèves de préformation (14 ans) de l’Institut National du Football à Clairefontaine présente quelque 200 exercices et jeux d’application, illustrés par des images de haut-niveau, consacrés à l’initiation et au perfectionnement de tous les gestes fondamentaux du football. Dans la première partie, les techniques suivantes sont traitées : les jonglages, les conduites, les dribbles. La seconde partie présente : les passes, les tirs, le jeu de tête, les centres et reprises. La vocation de cet ouvrage est d’être tout public ; il s’adresse à tous les éducateurs de tous niveaux et chacun peut y trouver ce qui l’intéresse, qu’il s’agisse de simple initiation ou d’entraînement plus élaboré.

52 / L'entrainement de la vitesse en football - La vitesse est une des qualités essentielles que doit posséder le footballeur. Échauffement, exercices spécifiques, jeux, tests. De précieuses informations qui contribuent à améliorer cette caractéristique physique ches les joueurs de football.

56 / Soccer speed - Fast feet, fast moves - In the best selling soccer skills video "All The Right Moves" we learned that the world’s top players rely on running at top speed with and without the ball. Modern soccer demands great emphasis on increased speed. Today’s players are given less space and time in which to perform. As the level of competition increases so does the speed of the players . Running speed (without the ball) must be developed with technical speed (running with the ball) if players and teams are to exploit weaknesses in the opposition. Soccer Speed will work you through progressive training including foot speed, running technique, quickness, acceleration, reaction, agility, balance, coordination - all without the ball. The ball will then be added to create innovative training with match-like activities, easily introduced into practice sessions for the individual player and the team. Sections Include: - Implementing Soccer Speed - Warm-Up - Balance - Proper Running Technique - Speed Ladder - Hurdles - Speed Training With The Ball - And More!

57 / Principles of defending 1v1 thru 11v11 - In today's game, the vast majority of the world's top teams defend zonally. Therefore, understanding the defending principles of Pressure - Cover - Balance is critical for young players. This DVD will show you how to teach the principles of defending to your team. Beginning with teaching the importance of 1v1 defending, the practices will progress to working with a back line, adding midfielders, and then all the way up to 11v11. Shot entirely with youth soccer players highlighting real examples of defensive situations, this DVD offers coaching moments and defensive solutions based on modern defending principles. This DVD includes exercises and drills that cover 1V1, 1V2, 2V2, 4V4, Half field Practices, Man to Man Defending, Zonal Defending, Defending as a Team. Many of the exercises, drills and coaching points in this DVD have been taken from examples of defending practices that have appeared in the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine over the last 10 years.
50 minutes. 2009.

58 / Vision training for soccer - This innovative training method is aimed at improving your players' on and off the ball awareness and vision. Unique exercises require the players to 'see the whole picture' even before receiving the ball, allowing them to make their next move quickly and with confidence. All great players have great vision and thus are seemingly always one step ahead of the game. Take your players to the next level with this proven training method!

59 / Soccer drills Volume 1 - Individual skill drills - This compilation of 45 drills and small sided games is designed to improve players` individual skills. Dribbling, Passing, Heading, Turning, Beating an opponent, Volleying and Shooting drills are featured with an emphasis on technique under pressure.

60 / Soccer drills Volume 2 - Small sided game and combination play - These 45 offensive small sided games and combination plays are designed to develop creative attacking movement. Awareness of space, passing and support, width, midfield penetration, and one and two touch passing are an essential ingredient in each of these drills, as they are in the modern game.

61 / Succes in soccer - Modern youth training. Playing and practicing with five to six year olds. Building blocks for play session. Indoor play session : the elepahnt story. Outdoor play session : giants and dwraves. Creating play session. The role of the coach.

62 / Succes in soccer - Modern youth training. Playing and practicing with six to eight year olds. Building blocks for play session. Training fundamentals for indoor sessions. Training fundamentals for outdoor sessions. Planning a practice session. Age-appropriate matches.

63 / Succes in soccer - Modern youth training. Playing and practicing with eight to 12 year olds. Building blocks for play session. Learning basic techniques. Simple soccer games. Tips on organizing sessions.

65 / Succes in soccer - Modern defending, part 2. Group tactics. Playing styles, corrections, coaching - In this series we show a systematic method of technig ball-oriented defense, focusing on : tactical sequences in detail, recognizing and correcting mistakes, and relevant exercices. Building on individual defense training, the next critical step toward ball-oriented defense is to learn defensive tactics for groups of two, three and four. Outnumbering your opponents near the ball is the ultimate goal of ball-oriented defense.

66 / Succes in soccer - Modern defending, part 3. Team tactics. Playing styles, corrections, coaching - In this series we show a systematic method of technig ball-oriented defense, focusing on : tactical sequences in detail, recognizing and correcting mistakes, and relevant exercices. This DVD shows you how to teach a ball-oriented defense concept on the basis of comprehensive individual and group defensive tactics training. While the method shown here uses a playing system with a back four, it can be applied to other systems as well.

67 / Advanced soccer skills with Anson Dorrance - Anson Dorrance shares his coaching techniques in this DVD. In part two of this set, he covers sophisticated skills and techniques players will need at higher levels and includes drills that help you improve skills. Also includes tests to evaluate improvement. 

68 / Individual soccer skills with Anson Dorrance - Anson Dorrance shares his coaching techniques in this DVD. He covers basic concepts and essential fundamentals and includes drills and games that let you have fun while learning. 

69 / Fundamentals with Wiel Coerver - Part 1 - The skills and techniques in this series are clearly demonstrated by Wiel Coerver and his young players. Slow motion is used to break down the skills and emphasize the key teaching points, while exciting game highlights show the skills used by such great players as Cruyff, Gullit, Planti, Vanenburg and VanBasten. Coerver, the consumate motivater, gives a sense of real accomplishment to his training and has an extraordinary ability to make practice enjoyable. The Coerver method concentrates on ball touches, developing confidence, and on the ball skills.

Part 1 : The basics of the Coerver method : ball control, suppleness, fast footwork, feinting

70 / Fundamentals with Wiel Coerver - Part 2

Part 2 : Beating an opponent, sliding tackles, kicking

71 / Fundamentals with Wiel Coerver - Part 3

Part 3 : Creating and converting scoring chances : heading and shooting

72 / Speed of play with Matt Driver - "Speed of Play" has become more and more important in today`s faster, more aggressive style of play. Players must not only possess ball skill and tactical understanding, but also vision, awareness and a willingness to work hard for 90 minutes in order to be successful. Here are a number of small sided exercises which will challenge you players to think ahead, see the field and improve their overall speed of play.

73 / Transitional play with Matt Driver - All of these activities were specifically designed around the demands of the modern game. Effective transitional play requires players who are physically fit and psychologically prepared to work hard. Included here are small sided activities designed to train the physical, psychological and tactical aspects of transitional play. Quick counter attacking and quick defensive recovery are essential in today's high intensity game and these competitive match related exercises will create the aggressive playing habits necessary to be effective when a change of possession occurs.

74 / Les gammes du football - Travail de la technique et des appuis - 400   gestes ou enchaînements ont été mis en images sur 3 DVD en tenant compte de l’utilisation du ballon et donc des appuis par rapport à cette utilisation. Pour mémoire, nous y avons ajouté, une série d’exercices intitulée « appuis sans ballons » représentant un travail pour réduire la foulée et accroître la motricité des membres inférieurs. Chaque geste ou enchaînement, filmé dans le cadre d’un entraînement individuel ou avec un effectif réduit, peut bien entendu être réalisé dans le cadre d’un entrainement collectif. La différence se situe au niveau des rectifications qui sont plus difficiles à effectuer lors d’entraînements collectifs. Le « ralenti » sur image permet, non seulement de voir la réalisation du geste, mais également la prise d’appui avant le geste ainsi qu’éventuellement la prise d’un nouvel appui lorsque le premier geste est suivi d’un second. Il fait apparaître également l’importance de la foulée réduite, quelle que soit la taille du joueur, et montre la manière de travailler cette réduction. Le travail du jeu de tête y est nettement détaillé ainsi que le travail spécifique pour améliorer la passe, la frappe, le centre.

76 / Goalkeeping 101 - Brent Erwin, one of the premier goalkeeping coaches in the game today, uses on-field demonstrators to show multiple drills that will assist goaltenders at any level reach their full potential! Coach Erwin covers six main areas of goaltending in this video: footwork training, the importance of footwork, warming up properly, technique, crosses, and breakaways. Also included are drills for diving, catching, agility, crosses, and lobs. Each drill is explained thoroughly with valuable coaching points highlighted. This is the "fundamentals of goalkeeping" video every goalkeeper and coach will want to watch.

54 minutes. 2003.

77 / A better way to teach goalie play - Teaching the goalkeeper is the focus of this soccer clinic presentation DVD by Nick Pasquarello. In a typical training session, the goalkeeper's preparation can be as productive as the rest of the team. Coach Pasquarello begins with warm-up exercises, featuring a 5 v 2 keep away on a 10 x 10 grid and a Figure 8 drill. These drills, incorporating field players as well, work on high catches, hitting the ground, hip turns and footwork. Pasquarello stresses that footwork helps a goalie make saves. The set position is taught by focusing on reaction time, angles and staying in the keeper's range. Pasquarello explains differences between teaching male and female goalkeepers as it relates to technique and range. The 1 v 2 drill can be manipulated by the coach and stresses communication, being set and making quick decisions. Excellent tips are shared on how to help goalkeepers break the habit of leaning backward. Another teaching tool is the distribution drill. The goalkeeper works on distribution and safe handling while field players work on longer serves. To work on saves, the 4 v 4 drill is demonstrated. This drill provides the keeper with a lot of shots - making quick decisions a key. Pasquarello shares his philosophy for warming up keepers prior to competition. In this easy to follow DVD, Pasquarello uses his playing experience to teach goalkeepers proper warm-up, technique, and how to make the save. Packed with teaching points and drills, this instructional soccer DVD is a tool that all soccer coaches could benefit from.

106 minutes. 2006.

78 / 100 conditioning drills for soccer - Never before has such an extensive soccer conditioning program been made publicly available as in this instructional DVD by Rob Rose. This effective and efficient year-round program contains complete workouts for three parts of the year: pre-season, in-season and off-season. Each program features dynamic flexibility warm-ups and drills to increase your athletes' linear speed, agility, power, quickness, core and balance. The preseason and off-season programs also include anaerobic conditioning. Rose opens up a treasure trove of over 100 drills, many of which can be done with a soccer ball to maximize your players' touches on the ball. Athletes demonstrate these drills and exercises, showing critical techniques that can help any player elevate his or her game. This DVD also includes a Powerpoint presentation with complete outlines of the programs, dynamics and drills-including bonus drills not covered in the video. The Powerpoint file can be accessed and printed for use as an easy reference guide. This effective, efficient program is your ticket to complete conditioning for your soccer team!

114 minutes. 2010.

79 / The basics of the 4-4-2 system - Since taking over the Southern Methodist University soccer program in 1984, Schellas Hyndman has produced a winning season each year by utilizing the 4-4-2 system of play! In this DVD, Coach Hyndman explains three critical functions to all systems of play: the Attacking Phase, the Build Up Phase and the Defensive Phase. He demonstrates the intricate details of the 4-4-2 system of play by using innovative, computer-generated animation to give the viewer detailed illustrations of how the system is properly executed. Hyndman shows how to efficiently use the 4-4-2 in different areas of the field including the back four, middle four and the attacking part of the field. Hyndman creates a game-like situation to explain how to use the 4-4-2 both offensively and defensively. In the Attacking Phase, he diagrams how to progressively move the ball forward, how to attack the midfielder and how to keep your team equally balanced. Going the other way, Hyndman shows how to keep defensive pressure on the ball, communicate, maintain balance, force players down the flank, deny penetration and deny space. Hyndman also gives his expert advice on how to overcome the weaknesses that can occur when using the 4-4-2. This is an outstanding and in-depth overview of the 4-4-2 taught by one of the greatest coaches in the game today!

54 minutes. 2005.

80 / Defending the 4-4-2 - Schellas Hyndman shares the pressure defensive methods of his game-winning 4-4-2 system of play. Hyndman has taught this system to his players for over 20 years and now brings it to you in an easy to understand DVD. Through diagrams and on field applications, your players will attain good, consistent positioning, maximize defensive pressure and move together as a unit. Beginning with two defending players, Hyndman gradually adds defenders to create situations to teach players how to move the offense down the line, put pressure on the ball, trap and transition points of attack. He shares secrets on how to properly give support and balance, switch the point of attack, eliminate back passes and create man-to-man defense. This video will help your team take and maintain control of the game by staying aggressive, winning the ball and getting to the goal. This disk is a great complement to The Basics of the 4-4-2 and Attacking with the 4-4-2.

58 minutes. 2005.

81 / Attacking with the 4-4-2 - Schellas Hyndman provides a comprehensive look at how your team can create more scoring opportunities out of this effective formation. In this DVD, Coach Hyndman teaches how to attack your opponent using this phenomenal system of play using easy to understand marker board diagrams and on field demonstrations. On the field, Hyndman shows how to improve athletes' ability to get through the midfield by dribbling, passing, changing the point of attack and swinging the ball. Beginning with a 4 v 2 offense, he gradually adds defenders creating situations that illustrate to players how to move to open space, lose defenders, communicate, have vision and focus and deliver soft passes to penetrate through the midfield. Hyndman also focuses on creating 2 v 1 situations, playing with patience and understanding player roles. Understanding this easy to learn, mirror image system of play will help your team play more effectively on both ends of the field and allow you to win more games!

65 minutes. 2005.

83 / John Cossaboon: midfield play passing for possession and penetration - John Cossaboon, who has coached soccer at the professional level internationally and has helped develop Olympic talent, teaches how to control midfield play by effectively getting players through the midfield and into the attacking third of the field. During this on-field demonstration clinic presentation, Coach Cossaboon uses a progression of drills to improve athletes' ability to get through the midfield with dribbles and passes and by changing the point of attack and swinging the ball. Cossaboon uses 2 v 2, 4 v 4, 5 v 5, and 7 v 7 situations to teach players to move to open space, lose defenders, communicate, have vision and focus, and use soft passes to penetrate through the midfield. Through this instructional soccer DVD, Coach Cossaboon will help you teach your players to reduce playing "racehorse" soccer, straight up the field, and use different points of attack and angles to pick apart the defense.

53 minutes. 2005.

84 / Core fundamentals session for soccer - Goalkeepers - Casey Mann demonstrates a fundamental session for goalkeepers that can be adapted to any age or skill level. From warm-up, to diving, to covering angles and more, this session will sharpen the skills your keepers need the most. The warm-up concentrates on footwork, catching and diving. Through basic one and two touch drills, Mann focuses on planting and making good, clean contact with the feet. His drills train good habits for setting and preparing for the shot, attacking the ball and developing the catch. His basic diving drill develops good technique for finding, driving, exploding to the ball and planting it into the ground. He combines these techniques with shots right at the goalkeeper to get the keepers comfortable seeing the ball off the foot and into the save. This fast-paced drill trains keepers to maintain good fundamental habits even when they're tired. See drills that develop decision making, covering angles, regrouping, timing, handling rebounds and more. Throughout the DVD, Mann passes along coaching tips to advance the drills and make them more game-like. He shows how to gradually increase the speed of your drills to work on your goalie's explosiveness while focusing on technique. This effective session addresses such intangibles as intensity, competitiveness, decision making, fitness and more. Give your goalies the tools they need to bring out their best and to keep the ball out of the net!

45 minutes. 2011.

86 / 25 innovative possession drills - This innovative DVD focuses on possession drills that will encourage players to see the field better and recognize opportunities made available by opposing defenses. Coach Vittrup utilizes an innovative ball called the "Fucci" Ball, which is heavier than a regulation soccer ball. The Fucci Ball makes practice more exciting, helps build leg strength, and gives players a better feel for the ball through the drills provided in this video. Using small groups, Coach Vittrup teaches players to move to open spaces on the field, improve their communication with teammates, and develop their ball control. Changing direction on the move, pushing the first touch away from pressure, and countless other tips will enable your team to improve on different passing schemes. This is a very practical DVD to help enable your players and team to go beyond their limits and take their fundamental skills to the next level of soccer.

42 minutes. 2006.

87 / Creating an attacking mindset - Learn to breakdown modern, compact defenses! Brandon Koons shares his key fundamentals of creating an aggressive, attacking soccer team. As modern defenses become more sophisticated and difficult to breakdown, it is essential to employ effective attacking methods in order to stay ahead of the competition. Coach Koons explains the key principles of creating a successful attack and then demonstrates how to coach them with your team. Using a combination of lecture, diagrams, competition and practice footage, Koons outlines how to coach these key attacking principles to the advanced soccer player. You will see how to create opportunities to break the line of defense by dribbling, passing and shooting, make runs to break apart the defense - stretch, check and threaten, train players functionally to attack defenses, encourage your players to take risks through dribbling and passing to beat defenders and make runs ahead of the ball to create offensive opportunities.

Koons walks you step-by-step through the process of building an attacking culture, from warm-ups to drills and ending with small-sided games. You will see a warm up drill to help your players recognize simple runs they can make in a game situation, games that encourage players to beat their opponents 1 v 1 on the dribble, a shooting drill that is fast paced and creates many shooting opportunities for the players and much more. In addition to the drills and games, this DVD features many clear and concise coaching points that you can instantly put into your coaching toolbox and apply to any attacking situation.

53 minutes. 2011.

94 / Attacknig and defending set pieces - Win the ball and create more scoring opportunities using these time-tested set pieces! There are different strategies to use when taking a corner kick or a free kick. In this detailed soccer DVD, Brandon Koons takes you through a variety of ways to use set pieces to your advantage when attacking and defending in the offensive half. These set pieces will create numerous goal scoring chances for your team. Koons' instruction will help you teach your players to put pressure on your opponents by overloading an area, create space on throw-ins, time runs for various corner kicks, vary runs on corner kicks to keep the defense off balance, use a defensive wall to your advantage and more.

Using game and practice footage, Koons takes you through set pieces in your attacking end both offensively and defensively. You will see all of these tactics demonstrated on the field using drills to reinforce key concepts. Koons explains in detail how players should position for set pieces. In addition he emphasizes how important it is for players to time their runs off the ball. This attention to detail will allow your players to win the ball and create scoring opportunities. Make the most of free kick opportunities with this detailed DVD from Coach Brandon Koons.

60 minutes. 2011.

85 / Defending tactics and drills - Give up fewer goals this season using these proven defensive tactics and exercises. Brandon Koons demonstrates fundamental tactics for successful team defending. Coach Koons begins with an easy to understand discussion of the basic defending principals - pressure, cover, depth and balance. He then reviews the roles of the first, second and third defenders, the importance of a team's line of confrontation, and includes a discussion on team shape. Using live demonstrations, Koons shows exercises that will help your defenders understand their roles and responsibilities. The exercises begin simply and are built upon slowly by adding conditions and players. During these exercises players learn the importance of communication, compactness, side-to-side movement and overall team shape. This video is of benefit to both players trying to understand defensive responsibilities and coaches trying to train their players. Coach Koons' philosophy of "building from the back" by training players in defending fundamentals has proven quite successful over the years. This DVD will help you understand a defender's role and responsibility and provides training exercises to help improve your team's defending shape.

66 minutes. 2011.

88 / Training games to develop the flank midfield player - For 27 years John Bluem has coached soccer in the US at a variety of levels. In that time Coach Bluem has developed a great appreciation for coaching soccer to different age groups. These 12 training games cover the areas of possession, penetration, finishing and tactical awareness. The games range from 1 v 1 to 4 v 4 settings and work on passing and receiving under pressure; safe possession before making penetrating passes; transition, dribbling and shooting; combination play to create scoring opportunities; and off ball movement. Tactical awareness is another component of this presentation. The Through the Gates game works on support, mobility, defensive marking and tracking. This DVD provides an organized three-prong approach to developing the flank midfield player.

86 minutes. 2007.

89 / The Notre-Dame 4-3-3 - Randy Waldrum has coached Notre Dame to the 2004 national championship and three trips to the NCAA College Cup semifinals with the 4-3-3. In this DVD, he outlines his 4-3-3 concept of play. Coach Waldrum makes a case for playing the 4-3-3 with the help of game footage. By slowing down clips, each position is described and analyzed. He shows different situations such as 3 v 2, which illustrates advantages that can be created in this alignment. Defensive emphasis is described by looking at important characteristics of the center and outside backs. Waldrum feels that a good holding player is invaluable to the team. This player must be great at distributing the ball and be comfortable taking the ball against pressure, change the point of attack and hitting the 30-40 yard bomb. Next is an overview of forward personalities - offensively and defensively. General attacking concepts are presented again using game footage. Coach Waldrum's presentation is a comprehensive look at the 4-3-3. This style can help your team because it capitalizes on varying personalities and keeps your team unpredictable.

41 minutes. 2006.

90 / The complete guide to the 3-5-2 - The modern 3-5-2 is one of the most popular systems in soccer today, and Butch Lauffer presents a complete guide to this system for you. Coach Lauffer shows how to use the 3-5-2 in both offensive and defensive situations, creating width from the inside out, and forcing the opposition into uncomfortable situations. He demonstrates how to defend against midfield attacks and switches, transition, counter-attack, and other basic principles. Finally, Lauffer shows several field exercises that you can use as a teaching progression for your team. Understanding the modern 3-5-2 will help your team play more effectively on both ends of the field and allow you to win more games.

58 minutes. 2005.

91 / All access - Soccer practice with Bobby Clark - Never before has such a prestigious program opened its doors to the coaching world as in this landmark soccer DVD from Bobby Clark. Take a seat in the stands as Clark coaches and narrates his way through two complete Notre Dame soccer practice sessions. Clark's practices include team offensive drills, a very detailed dynamic warm-up, a 10v6+2 and an 11v9+2 drill placing an emphasis on spacing, crisp passing and strategies for scoring. He demonstrates defending as a unit with the emphasis on team shape and collective defending. He focuses on a 6v4 drill from a variety of sets and intensity levels. All Access Practice also includes goalkeeper practice: Footwork drills, high ball drills, low-ball drills and hand drills; everything you need to develop a dominant goalkeeper. This two DVD set is a one-of-a-kind look inside an elite program. Any coach at any level will find this set extremely beneficial. Over three hours of footage for the price of one DVD. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go to Grassroot Soccer, which provides African youth with the knowledge, life skills, and support to live HIV-free. For more information go to

178 minutes (2 DVDs). 2009.

92 / Winning set pieces - Randy Waldrum, the highly-respected soccer tactician, has an attractive, attacking brand of soccer that has put him in an elite class of soccer coaches. In this DVD, he outlines his philosophy on set pieces. Set plays and situations are a vital key to the overall success of a soccer team. Using clips from his team and international play, he uses video to support his teaching in four areas: corner kicks, free kicks, the throw-in and penalty kicks. Each area is loaded with information on strategy, as well as key coaching points. In 2004, Waldrum coached the Irish to the National championship. That year his team scored 57 goals in 18 games - nearly 25% of those goals came from set pieces These plays can be adapted to be used at all levels.

51 minutes. 2006.

93 / Schellas Hyndman: 8 set pieces to score! - If you can score goals in soccer, you will win matches. SMU's Schellas Hyndman has won over 400 soccer matches and is second among active college soccer coaches in wins. In this on-field demonstration clinic DVD, Coach Hyndman shows you eight sets: five sets from the front of the goal and three sets from the corner. With the help of on-field demonstrators, Hyndman performs a walk-through of each set and a demonstration of each at game speed. He shows each set with and without defense and reveals his four key principles for practicing these set pieces. These eight set pieces will help your team become a higher scoring team and increase your chances at winning more matches.

30 minutes. 2005.

95 / 11 situation pour travailler le mental (X2) - Les entraineurs accordent de plus en plus de place à la dimension mentale de l'entrainement, conscients de l'importance de devoir travailler autant sur l'homme que sur le joueur. Concentration, cohésion, confiance en soi, gestions des émotions, etc... de nombreuses qualités mentales interagissent avec les uqalités footballistiques pour permettre d'accédér à la perormance. Jean-Paul Ancian nous propose ici onze jeux et situation visant à optimiser telle ou telle qualité mentale du footballeur.

96 / Travailler l'attaque placée, l'attaque rapide (X2) - Savoir conserver, faire progresser le ballon, pour « construire » son action jusqu'à provoquer une situation en déséquilibre chez l'adversaire (attaque placée); ou profiter des quelques secondes de transition suivant la récupération du ballon pour se projeter le plus rapidement possible vers le but, profitant de la désorganisation momentanée de l'adversaire (attaque rapide); voilà deux temps de jeu bien distincts qu'il convient de maîtriser dans le foot à 11. Mais comment s'y exercer à l'entraînement? Jean-Paul Ancian nous propose ici huit jeux et situations permettant de travailler facilement et efficacement les attaques placées et les attaques rapides.

97 / Exercices physiques au ballon (X2) - En amateur où les joueurs ne bénéficient que deux à tois séances d'entraînement hebdomadaires, le travail athlétique ne peut s'envisager qu'en présence du ballon, ou presque. Jean-Paul Ancian nous propose ici une dizaine d'exercices de préparation physique intégrée visant à travailler l'endurance, la vitesse, la puissance aérobie ou encore la force-vitesse. Pour coller au plus près de la réalité du football amateur et de ses contraintes, les exercices de ce DVD ont été réalisée avec les étudiants de l'INSA de Lyon, lesquels affichent un niveau de pratique départemental. 

98 / Jeux de conservation et leurs variantes (X2) - La technique est un moyen permettant au footballeur de s'exprimer tant individuellement que collectivement. Dans ce DVD, Jean-Paul Ancian vous propose des jeux de conservation et leurs variantes, pouvant être placés tant à l'échauffement qu'au coeur de la séance dans le cadre d'un atelier à dominante technique. Des situations faciles à mettre en place et adaptables à toutes les catégories de foot à 11, quel que soit le niveau de pratique. Pour coller au plus près de la réalité du football amateur et de ses contraintes, les exercices de ce DVD ont été réalisée avec les étudiants de l'INSA de Lyon, lesquels affichent un niveau de pratique départemental. 

82 / Veux-tu jouer au futsal?


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